When you create your app you'll be asked to choose between importing your data from an existing CSV file or starting from scratch by entering your data manually. If you choose to import your data, you must first have all your data in an existing CSV spreadsheet.

As an example, we'll import a CSV file of 500 car makes and models. 

As you can see from our sample spreadsheet, we have 4 columns, including Car Make, Car Model, Car Model Year, and Car Vin. 

*Please take note of the exact spelling of each column as all data needs to be accurate for a successful import.

To import your spreadsheet, we must align each column in your spreadsheet with its matching field. Think of each column in a spreadsheet as a field in your app. So in our example, we'll now create 4 fields in our app to match our 4 spreadsheet columns:

Once the fields are created we need to create an import template so it can be reused later if necessary. 

Within the data table you wish to use, click on Imports 

  1. Click "+ Add New" 
  2. Give this import a name (anything you wish, this if for your reference only)
  3. Align the fields (from the app) on the left with  the exact names of columns in your spreadsheet. Do this for each column you wish to import. 
  4. Click "Save"

Next click on the Records tab and  select "Import"

  1. Choose the import template you just created in the previous step
  2. Browse to upload the CSV file which contains all your data
  3. Click Import

The import will now run and a log will appear that will report any issue that may have occurred during the import. Refresh the page to see the imported records. 

Check out this brief video for a quick overview of importing your data: