You can add a menu to practically any page or layout, but we recommend using one menu in each layout to make your app look and feel consistent. 

Whenever you add a new page, you'll see an option to automatically add this new page to a particular menu. This is a shortcut to save you the extra step of manually adding the page to the menu later. 

Each app comes with a default menu which is installed in the Default Layout. This is a simple menu that's located at the top of the Default Landing Page, which is the first page you'll see when you preview your app and the first page your users will see when they visit your app. Once you begin adding your own pages and layouts, you can reassign the default landing page and default layout as you choose.

To customize the default layout, open the layout or page that contains the default layout. Click on the "Menu" icon within that page:

If you wish for the menu to be a child of an existing menu so when you hover over that item  you'll see additional links click on the plus sign on the menu item you wish to use as the parent menu.  

We also have the option to add a new menu component. Let's say for example we've added a Admin Layout and we would like a customized menu for an admin.

To do this after we've created a layout we can now add a new menu component as show below.