With form record rules, you can automate form values as well as create additional records when forms are submitted. 

For example, instead of having a date field inside the form, you can remove the date field and set the value of the date to the current date automatically. 

In this help article we'll cover: 

  1. Updating Current Records
  2. Updating Connected Records
  3. Inserting New Connected Records
  4. Inserting New Non-Connected Records

To get started with any of these record rules, open or add any form:

Select Form Rules, then Record Rules, and then Add New Rule:

1. Updating this current record

Condition: Add any conditions for when this rule should take effect. You can add as many rules and as many conditions as you need. A sample rule: If Date is more than 90 days ago, set status to Archived

Value: add list of values to be updated and choose the value either based on a static value or based on one of the following: 

  1. Custom Value - Choose a static value that will be used every time this condition is met. 
  2. Form Value - Use the value from another field in the form to update this particular field's value. 
  3. Connected Value - If this table has a connection to a parent table, get a value from the parent table and use that to update this field's value. For example, if you're adding a task which belongs to a project, you can get the value from the project table and update the task based on the connection. 
  4. Logged in User's Field - Use any field which belongs to the user who is currently logged in and is adding/editing this form. For example, to add the license number of the logged-in technician, you can retrieve the value of the logged-in technician and save it to this form as a static value. 

In this first example, we'll simply update the field to the current date

Every-time this form is submitted, even if the Created Date field is updated in the form it will be updated to the current date when form was submitted. 

Update Connected Record

For this example, we must first describe the scene. We have a list of projects and each project has multiple tasks associated with it. Similar to the following structure

Our goal with this rule would be to update a field in the Projects table called "Last Task Added" to the current date/time of when the last task was added for this project. This way we can glance and see some task activity from the Projects table.

To begin let's open the add form where you'll be adding additional tasks to a project.  

Go to 

  1. Form Rules
  2. Record Rules 
  3. choose Update Connected Records 
  4. Select Projects from the dropdown.
  5. Under Value choose Last Task Added
  6. and select Current Date & Time

When new records are added the Last Task Added in the parent Projects table will be updated to the current date and time.