Instead of boring radio buttons use custom icons 

Regular radio options are boring and not always mobile friendly. Instead, you can use any custom icons you wish. 

First  you must assign an icon to each option in your radio field. 

In the data builder, open the radio option you wish to use icons for. In this example we'll use a radio field to find out gender. 

  1. Click on where it says "Icon" and enter the name of the icon. You can use any icon from the incredible Font Awesome collection (

Open the form which contains this field and click the edit (pencil icon) button : 

Next select "Yes" next to "Show Icons" as well as any other options you wish for the icons. For example, the site, new line vs. same line and where the label should be (ie. Male/Female) 

Click save and go preview your form page, you should now see icons instead of radio buttons.