Have unique text messages sent automatically when a form is submitted 

Similar to emails, you can have text messages sent from your account automatically when a form is submitted in order to notify users and streamline processes. 

To add an automated text message, open the form you wish to use and click on the the "Text Messages" navigation menu. 

Once you're on the text messages page, click Add New Text Message

You can choose a Basic or Custom text message:
Basic - send an email saying: "A form has been submitted at... (with page link)"
Custom - allows you to customize all aspects of what's included in the message. Add any field from the record or choose dynamic phone numbers. 

Working with Custom Text Messages

  1. Change type to Custom Text Message
  2. Add any conditions to be checked prior to sending the message. As an example, if you only want the text to be sent when field called status was changed to "Done" then add that condition. 
  3. Choose one or multiple recipients of the text message. You can choose any dynamic phone field of this record or a connected record as well as a static phone number. 
  4. Add the message and add any field from the record to be included in the message as well.