Customize the look and feel of columns in your tables. There are many customization options within the table columns. Let's go over some of the basics. 

First, open or add any table on your page. See the image below.

Select the Fields navigation in the left menu. See the image below.

Moving and Rearranging columns: select the column and drag it to the desired location:

Removing a column: Hover over the column heading and click the Delete icon. Keep in mind, removing it from the table only removes it from this particular table. You can always add it again from the field list on the left. 

Editing a column: Hover over the column heading and click the pencil icon to edit.

When editing a column, there are multiple settings and options to choose from. Let's go over the different options. 

General Tab: Here you can customize the column title or choose to hide it entirely. 

Title - Customize the title of the column in your table

Hide Title - hide the title entirely even if Title is not blank

Allow inline Editing - If Inline Editing is enabled on this table, you can choose to disable it for this particular column. See the inline editing article for more details.

See the image below.

Format Tab: Customize additional options in the column, such as column width and alignment. See the image below.

Display Rules: In this tab, you can create rules to customize the display of the value based on record values. For example, we can set a rule to make the text red with an exclamation mark whenever the record is past due and not marked as completed. 

Click here to view our in-depth article on how to use Display Rules: