With filter tabs, you can show and hide certain columns based on which tabs are selected. This feature is extremely helpful in terms of filtering out data that is not pertinent at a certain time. For instance, if you have a Projects table, not all columns would be relevant if the project wasn't in a specific status. For example, if a project has a status of "Started", you'll want to see the column that tells you when the project was started, but if the project wasn't started yet that column and other columns wouldn't be necessary for your users to see. Filter tabs would allow you to hide those unnecessary columns if you so choose.  

To create your filter, open any table you wish to add these filters to and select the filters tab on the left-hand side. See image below.

Once you've enabled the tabs, start adding your tabs by giving the tab a name and selecting the filter options for these tabs. For example, our first tab will be called "To Do" and it will display all records where Project Status is "To Do"
Since these projects are "To Do" and not yet started, we'll choose to hide the 2 fields which are not relevant: 

  1. Started Date/Time
  2. Completed Date/Time

Keep adding as many filters as you wish. In this case we'll also add a filter tab for In Progress (Project Status is In Progress) and another filter tab for Done (Project Status is Done). See image below.

When we preview the page, this is how the filter tabs will appear:

As you can see, when the "To Do" tab is pressed the Started Date/Time and Completed Date/Time columns are hidden.

When the "Started" tab is pressed the Completed Date/Time column is hidden.

When "Done" tab is pressed all columns are visible.

Additional Notes: 

a) To hide the "Clear Filter" button make sure to select that option in the builder.
b) If you want a specific tab to be selected when the page loads, make sure to select the "Set Default" option for that tab.