You can add links to your tables that once clicked on, can trigger an action, route users to a particular page, or edit, delete, or link records. 

Begin adding a link to your table by adding or editing any table in your page:

On the left-hand side, click on Links and you'll see several link options. We'll go over each option and its purpose.  

Edit Link: Edit Link will create a new column as well as a new linked page with a form to edit the record. Once created, you can later go into the edit page and customize the form further. See the gif below.

Delete Link: Delete Link will add a link with the function of deleting a selected record once pressed:

Record Details Page Link: This link will add a new column as well as an additional page to view more details about this record:

Connected Page Link: This link will give you the option of adding a link to a page connected to this record. For example, if you have 2 project page dashboards and each one has a record details page, you can add a link to link one record details page to the other. See the image below.

Action Link: Add links to trigger actions on the record. For instance, you can add an action link to send an email to a specific person once a job is marked as completed. Clicking on the link will trigger the action that you set. For more details on creating action links, click here: