Once you understand how to add links into tables,  you can also customize those links to appear as buttons or custom icons. If you're not sure how to add links to your table, please check out this article: Adding Links to Tables

Once you've added a link, customize the look and feel of the link by opening your table:

Hover over the column heading of the link and select the pencil icon to edit it:

In the General tab you'll have several options to customize the link:

Title as field - this will replace the text from Details to the value of the field

Icon - Add an icon to the right or left of the field text

In our example, we would like to add an icon and change the text to the Project Name:

Next, we can format the link to appear as a button instead of just a link by clicking on the Format tab:

Once you change the Link Type to Button you'll have several additional formatting options:

Solid vs Outline:

Inline vs Block:

Inline- the button is as large as the text
Block- the button is as large as the column

For instance, Solid, Block will look like this:


And Outline, Block will look like this:


Based on the options we chose, our customized link will look like this: