You can group records based on similar values to get quick insights and organize your data more efficiently. 

Start by adding or editing any table on your page:

Next, click on Options and find the Grouping section:

Choose the field you'd like to use as your common denominator to group records and give it a name to appear in the table. For instance, we'll use the Project Status field so we can group everything by status:

Click Save. 

If you preview your page you'll see the records are now divided into groups based on Project Status:

You can add nested groups by adding an additional group as well. For example, you can group by Status and Priority: 

Which will look like this:  

Some Notes: 

Only the records currently on the page will be grouped. For example, if you have 1000 records, only the ones displayed will be grouped. To ensure grouping is done correctly, try setting the sort field to the same field as the grouping field.