There are several advanced table customization options you can use to ensure that each table works for your unique requirements. 

In this article we'll look at: 

  1. Table Title
  2. Add Record in Pop Up Page
  3. Enable Searching
  4. Exporting overview
  5. Inline Editing
  6. Front-end Filters
  7. Pagination Settings
  8. Batch Updates
  9. Batch Deleting
  10. Default Blank Text
  11. Page Record Limit
  12. Groupings
  13. Row Summaries

To modify some advanced options, start by opening any table in your page:

Click on Options:

Let's go over each option and its purpose:

Table Title - the title on top of the table:

Allow New Record Popup Page - enable the ability to add new records in a pop up page. 

  1. Button Label - The text on the button
  2. Popup Title - the heading inside the add new page

Enable Search - adds search functionality to the page:

Enable Export - Enables the ability to export records from the table. See this article for more details: Using Export Templates

Enable Inline Editing- Enables the ability to edit on the fly by clicking on any value in the table to edit it in a pop up page. See this article for additional details: Inline Editing

Enable Filters - choose if users can filter data on their own. You can also decide which fields they are allowed to use for filtering. For example, if you'd only like them to filter by date, only select the Created At field:

Now that the filter is enabled only for the Created At field, users can filter the records based on that field only: 

Show Pagination - enable or disable the next, previous, and page numbers:

Allow Batch Updates- enable the ability to update many records at one time:

Users can then add conditions and updates to automatically update said records:

Allow Batch Delete - enable the ability to delete multiple records at the same time:

Users will then be prompted to choose conditions and confirm the deleting process:

No Data Text - custom text where no records exist in the table. 

Grouping - see this article on using groupings: Grouping Records

Row Summaries - see this article for more in depth details: Adding Row Summaries