Action links are a type of link you can add to your page components. An action link can appear as a link or button that will run a particular predefined task once clicked. By adding action links to your tables, calendars, lists, or any other components, you can automate specific tasks to initiate and maintain an automated workflow amongst your team. 

Action links can trigger any or combinations of the following tasks: 

  1. Update the record
  2. Send an Email
  3. Send a Text Message
  4. Update a single or all connected records

Creating an action link is a simple as adding the action link and choosing what should happen when the button/link is pressed. 

As an example, let's add an action link in a table that will mark a project as "Done":

  1. Find the table you wish to add the link to and click to edit it
  2. Expand the >>Links  menu and select Action Link
  3. Hover over the new Action column and click the pencil icon to edit
  4. Select the Action Rule tab and click Add Action Rule
  5. Add the action parameters and click Update when you're done

Action: the item to be performed when the link is pressed (for example: update record or send email)
Condition: determines when this action should occur (For example: only when the status of job is Open)


*Keep in mind that you can also format the link to appear as a button, link, or icon. Select the General and Format tabs to make those changes or check out this page for more information on how to customize the appearance of your links: Customizing Links