Give access to all or parts of your app to users 

Before you add users make sure to add Roles first. Click here for instructions on how to add Roles.

You can add users from the front-end of your app or in the builder.

To add users using the builder: 

  1. Click the Data Builder button in the left navigation
  2. Click Users and select "+Add New Record" 
  3. Enter the details for this user as well as assign them the user role they belong to. 
  4. Click Save

To add users using the front-end of the app

You must first add a form that will allow you to add additional users. 

  1. Within pages, find the page you wish to include the form
  2. Click the Plus button to add a new component
  3. Select the Form component 
  4. Select Users and press "+ Quick Add"
  5. You'll now have a form within that page where you can add the users. Click on the eyeball icon to view the page.