Audit your app and improve overall security by tracking when users log in/out. To configure or view your login logs, navigate to the Login Logs and Settings tab in your default Users table for your app.

Upon enabling user login logs, there will be additional options available to store further information on each login event.

  1. Log All User Logins
    This option enables the logging feature. By default, login logs contain the 4 fields User Email, Type, Created Date, and User Name. The Type field represents whether the event is a login or logout and the Created Date is recorded as the time the event occurred.

  2. Log Host Information
    Enabling this option adds 5 fields to your user login logs related to how the user is accessing your app. These fields are Browser, Platform, Screen Width, Screen Height, and URL.

  3. Log IP Address
    This option adds one field to your user login logs representing the IP address from which the user is accessing your app.

  4. Log User Location
    User location logs add full address information to your logs. The fields included are Address, Address2, City, State, Country, Zip/Postal Code, Latitude, and Longitude. If the chosen setting is Enabled, the location will be captured based on whether the user's browser is allowing your app to access the location. If the chosen setting is Required, the user must have their browser set to allow location access for your app to log in.

    If the location is required and the user chooses to block your app, the user will not be able to log in and the configurable message will show in a popup.