Host your app on your own domain 

You're always more than welcome to use a sub-domain at, for example: to host your apps. But if you'd like to have your domains hosted using your own domain here's how you do that: 

  1. Within your app, click on Settings > Domain Settings 
  2. In the custom domain section enter the domain name you wish to use for this app. Keep in mind that is not the same as

That's all you need to do on the app, the next step is to log onto wherever your DNS is hosted (ie. GoDaddy etc) and create a new CNAME record and forward it to

Here's a link with instructions on doing this on GoDaddy:

Important Notes:

If you'd like to have an SSL certificate assigned to your domain or would like to forward the root domain ( - vs ) please email and we'll give you the details necessary to accomplish that. 

IMPORTANT: Never use our IP address in your A record. We use load balancing and auto scaling technology which will conflict with your domain A record.