Custom data wherever you want it 

App variables can be used to replace the data of your choice throughout your app. 

For instance, add { loggedInUserName } anywhere in your app and it will convert it to the name of the currently logged-in user.

Or, say a company's name changes, we can change it once and it will be updated everywhere throughout the app. 

To get started using App Variables, click on Settings then App Variables

Next click on "+ Add New" and add all the details about your app variable.

Name: Any name for your reference

Unique Code: This will be the code inserted into the HTML

Description: Short description so you can remember the purpose of this variable

Type: Static or Formula

Static is just a text value such as "ABC Management Corporation"

Formula allows you to create dynamic values. For example: Count all the projects that have a status of "Started"

Now that we've created our app variable, lets go back to pages, find the page you wish to include the app variable, add an HTML Component, and then select the app variable from the dropdown. Feel free to customize it as you wish.