Add the ability to edit records completely on the fly! 

While you can easily create an edit form for each record, sometimes it's more efficient to enable the ability to simply click on the value and edit the text or option inline without ever having to leave the page. This feature is called inline editing.

Within each component there is an option to enable inline edits for the entire component. If enabled, all the fields in the component will be editable. For example, enabling inline edits in a table will make all columns editable. You can choose to disable the ability for inline editing on specific columns by opening the column details and disabling it. Here's how it works:

Enable Inline Edits: 

Inside the page with the table you wish to enable, open the table and select Options

Restrict Inline Editing to Some Columns

If you'd like to restrict which columns can be edited, you can disable individual column edits. Please keep in mind that the setting in Options will always over-ride settings in the column. You must first enable inline edits on the table. 

Once enabled you'll be able to select any cell and change the value in the pop up window:  

This can be applied to the lists, calendar, and details components. Simply open the component and enable the inline editing option. 

For example, to enable this in the details component, open the component options and enable inline editing. 

Additional Notes

  1. At this time there is no way to run form rules on inline edits
  2. If the value being changed has dependencies (for example a number which is used in a formula) you will need to refresh the page to see the updates. 
  3. Disabling inline-edits based on user role is not an option at this time and we recommend using different pages for different roles and securing the page.