You can choose to allow your users to export all records from a data table or export only certain records based on pre-defined templates. If you choose to allow your users to only export certain records from a data table, you can accomplish this by creating unique export templates for each data table. 

With export templates you can give your users pre-defined exportable CSV files, giving you the flexibility to choose which columns are exportable. You can create as many export templates as you wish and select which users can export which templates.


To get started, select the data table for which you would like to make an export template, then select Exports:

Next, click on Add New and give your template any name you wish. Then choose the fields which should be included in the export and press Save.  

Now we need to enable this export template within a table. To accomplish that, let's go to our Customers table in the page builder and enable that option. 

  1. Click on Pages
  2. Find or add a page with the Customers (or whichever table you're working with)
  3. Select the table component 
  4. Click on Options
  5. Select Yes next to "Enable Export"
  6. Next select which export templates should be allowed to be exported

Now we'll have a button in our app with the ability to export these columns.

  1. Click the Preview page button
  2. You'll see a new Export button in the table
  3. Click Export and choose the export template we created earlier