Add any font from Google into your app 

While each theme has some unique fonts, you're not limited to just those. You can easily use any font from Google Fonts in your app by following 3 simple steps. 

Find the font  you wish to use by going to:

Pay attention to the font name. For example: "Roboto Slab"

Next we need to import the font into your app. To do so, add the following line of code into the CSS section in either the page or the layout you're working with.  

@import url('');

Simply change "Roboto+Slab" from the end of the URL to any font you chose. If the font is two words be sure to add a "+" between the two words. 

Now that the font has been imported into the page, you can use it in any part of the page. For instance, if you'd like the font of a form to be the chosen font, simply change the Font option in the design options.