Working with the text formula field can be useful when dealing with multiple text fields you would like to combine into one.

Use case: We have a table that has a list of companies with the Fields "Company Name", "Industry", and "State". What we want to do is to be able to search all records by any field.

We'll start by adding in the Text Formula

Once we click on that we can take a look below where we can add:

    1. Any text field within the table

    2. Custom text

In our case we want to add each of the text fields and to make the search a little nicer looking we'll add in a " - " in between each value.

Now, all thats left to do is to add the Text Formula as a connection field in the table you want. For demonstration purposes I will make a table called "Search" and add the connection field there.

And now after adding the "Search" form to our front end we can see our text formula in action!