Sometimes it's nice to have a chat or comment section right in your app.

Lets go over how we would do that.

We are going to start by adding a new table in our data builder and call it "Chats" and add 3 fields. A text field for the actual message, a date/time field so we know when the message was sent, and a connection field to users so we know who sent the message.

Next lets head over to the page builder to add our chat or comment section to the front-end.

First, lets add our chat form

Next we're going to add in a row, 12/12 Column, and then add the "Message field"

(I've renamed the title to "Type a message")

Next we will add a list component with the Chats data table

You can set up this list to be displayed as you like. This is the layout I've chosen.

I've added the message field, name of the user and date and time.

And now if we look at the preview of the page we can test out our Chat/Comment section

For extra beauty you may want to go into the Chats List component in the page builder and add a bordered box