Text Fields hold basic text and will be the first default field on your table if none are defined prior to creating your table.

  1. The Name for your text field will help define what this text represents.
  2. Descriptions can be a good tool to keep track of further information to describe the field.
  3. The Max Length Type can be changed between Small and Medium. Currently, the length of text fields regardless of length type is 255 characters.
  4. You may define whether the value of this field must be Unique per the records in this table.
  5. A Placeholder can be configured to show text in a form field without populating the field with a value. Placeholders are only visible when no text is entered in the field.
  6. The Default Form Value can be configured as well. Unlike Placeholders, this value can be set by default to submit on a form.

Below are some examples of Text Fields in forms.

No Placeholder or Default Form Value configured.


Placeholder configured with no Default Form Value.

Default Form Value configured.