This article defines all of our available fields. Further information on each field can be found in our Working With Fields solution center. Each field in this article also contains a link to an article with further information.

All fields can be viewed when working with a table in the Data Builder. Each field falls under one of the following categories: Basic, Number, Date, Option, File and Image, Misc, and Connection

Basic Fields consist of the 8 fields pictured below. These fields are primarily text-based.

Number Fields consist of the 10 fields pictured below. These fields can be useful for calculations and automatic value generation. 

Date Fields consist of the 5 fields pictured below. These fields can be used for many purposes such as tracking changes in your records.

Option Fields consist of the 5 fields pictured below. These fields consist of a list of selections that can be configured in various ways.

  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Select
  • Multi-Select
  • Decision Box

File and Image Fields consist of the 2 fields pictured below. These are both designed to hold uploaded files. 

  • File 
  • Image

Misc Fields consist of the 4 fields pictured below. These fields have various use cases.

  • Rating
  • Signature
  • Link
  • Slider

Connection Fields consist of only the Connection field.

  • Connection

This article is currently under construction. If a field you are looking for is not currently linked to a page, please reach out to our support team with any questions. Thanks for your patience!