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Number Fields are the most basic form of number type fields. 

  1. The Name for your number field will help define what this value represents.
  2. Descriptions can be a good tool to keep track of further information to describe the field.
  3. Decimal Place values can be configured to show the specified number of digits after the decimal in your fields.
  4. The Thousands Delimiter can be configured to show the specified symbol to separate groups of thousands.
  5. You may define whether the value of this field must be Unique per the records in this table.
  6. A Placeholder can be configured to show text in a form field without populating the field with a value. Placeholders are only visible when no text is entered in the field.
  7. The Default Form Value can be configured as well. Unlike Placeholders, this value can be set by default to submit on a form. For the Number field, only digits can be set for this value.

Decimal Places can be configured for your field to show up to 10 digits. 

If None or is selected, only whole digits will appear in your table components. Some specific behavior to note is that, if a decimal value is submitted on a form for a Number field configured this way, rounding will not occur and the digits after the decimal place will not be stored.

The behavior with one or more Decimal Places configured is slightly different in that the digits after the decimal place will be stored and rounding occurs. For example, let's say that we have Decimal Places configured to and I enter the following value in a form.

With the current configuration, the value appears rounded to the nearest decimal place.

If the Number field is updated so that Decimal Places is 2, the value does not need to be rounded and the original value submitted on the form can be observed on table components.

The Thousands Delimiter determines what symbol separates groups of thousands when viewing the values. This setting does not affect how the values appear in forms. There are currently 4 options as follows:

By default, None is configured. Numbers will appear as-is with this setting.

Pictured below are samples of the non-default configurations in the same order as listed above.