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Currency Fields are a variation of number fields designed to store monetary values.

  1. The Name for your currency field will help define what this value represents.
  2. Descriptions can be a good tool to keep track of further information to describe the field.
  3. The Currency Type can be selected based on the type of currency that you need to store. 
  4. The Format determines the location of the currency symbol in components.
  5. The Thousands Delimiter can be configured to show the specified symbol to separate groups of thousands.
  6. Decimal Place values can be configured to show the specified number of digits after the decimal in your fields.
  7. A Placeholder can be configured to show text in a form field without populating the field with a value. Placeholders are only visible when no text is entered in the field.
  8. The Default Form Value can be configured as well. Unlike Placeholders, this value can be set by default to submit on a form. For the Currency field, only digits can be set for this value.

Currency Types are selectable from a dropdown list. If we are missing your currency, please contact our Support Team.

  • AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham - د.إ
  • AUD - Australian Dollar - $
  • BGN - Bulgarian Lev - Лв
  • CAD - Canadian Dollar - $
  • CHF - Swiss Franc - Fr.
  • EUR - Euro - €
  • GBP - Pound Sterling - £
  • GHS - Ghanaian Cedi - GH₵
  • GTQ - Guatemalan Quetzal - Q
  • HRK - Croatian Kuna - kn
  • IDR - Indonesian Rupiah - Rp
  • ILS - Israeli New Shekel - ₪
  • INR - Indian Rupee - ₹
  • JPY - Japanese Yen - ¥
  • MUR - Mauritian Rupee - ₨
  • NZD - New Zealand Dollar - $
  • PGK - Papua New Guinean Kina - K
  • RSD - Serbian Dinar - дин
  • SAR - Saudi Riyal - ر.س
  • TRY - Turkish Lira - ₺
  • USD - US Dollar - $
  • ZAR - South African Rand - R

The Format setting has 3 different options. The default is Prefix.

Pictured below are some screenshots of forms and table components illustrating the visual difference of the various Format options.




For more information regarding the Decimal Places and Thousands Delimiter settings, please see the Number Fields article.