In this document, we will be going over how to use an address field to display a static street view thumbnail.

First, let's go over the fields that are required for this to work

  1. Address
  2. Text Formula A
  3. Text Formula B
  4. Street View Source (Equation Field)

1. The Address Field

For the address field just make sure to include the Address, City, State, and Zip

2. Text Formula A

For this field, we'll need to paste the following text:

3. Text Formula B

For this field, we'll need to paste the following text:


4. Street View Source (Equation)

For this field, we'll need to use the Text Function Concat()

CONCAT({Text Formula A},{Address - Address},{Text Formula B})

Now that we have all the necessary fields we can add our table component with our addresses and include a details page where we will display our static street view picture. 

(Learn more about adding tables to your page here:

On our address Detail page, we will add an HTML component

Next, let's add the following to the Source code of the HTML component

<p><img src="{!!Street View Source!!}" alt="" /></p>

And now as you can see in the GIF below, we can enter an address and then view the street view on the details page!