This article details the configurable options available in your app's Security Settings. For general information regarding app settings, please see our article on navigating the app settings.

  1. App Auto Logout
    When this option is set to Yes, users are logged out after the specified amount of time. Time can be configured to various options from 1 minute to 60 minutes.

    Once the user is logged out due to inactivity, they will be redirected to a Login page showing your inactivity message.

  2. Password Complexity
    There is a list of options that can be toggled for custom complexity requirements. Each item listed adds a different layer to the requirements of your user passwords.

    When setting a password, if the complexity is not met, the user is prompted to try again and is informed of what is missing from the password.

  3. IP Security
    When this option is set yo Yes, you can choose to allow or block specified IP addresses. Each address listed should be on a separate line in the IP text box.

    If an attempt to access your app is made from an IP address that is not permitted, no access to any component or layout is allowed so only the configured message will show.