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Date Range (Calendar) Fields are fields that enable you to set a duration of time with a start and end value. The start and end values, similar to Date/Time Fields, hold a date, hour, and minute value. 

  1. The Name for your date range field will help define what this value represents.
  2. Descriptions can be a good tool to keep track of further information to describe the field.
  3. If you would like to create durations, you will choose to Enable Start and End Date. Selecting No for this portion of your field will simply disable saving an end to your date range.
  4. When you select Yes to enable the start and end date, you will be prompted to select how you would like to Show End Date. This affects how the field behaves in a form. Read ahead for more information on the available options. 

Below are some examples showing the Date Range Field in forms and tables. Each example shows a different configuration for the Show End Date portion of the field. The start value will always be selected as a date and time value where the end value will be selected in your forms depending on the Show End Date configuration. In all instances, the record value in the table appears as two date and time values representing the start and end of your date range.

Show End Date Set to Date Field

This configuration prompts for a date and time to be selected for the end value. 

Show End Date Set to Time Field

This configuration prompts for a time to be selected for the end value. 

Show End Date Set to Duration Field

This configuration prompts for a duration of time in minutes, hours, or days to be selected where the end value is to be calculated upon submission.